1 Timothy

1 Ti 2:4        Who desires all men to be saved and to come into knowledge of the truth.

1 Ti 2:5        For there is one God,
and one Mediator of God and men,
the man Christ Jesus,

1 Ti 2:6        Which, giving Himself a ransom for all,
the testimony in His own times. ffffff

1 Ti 5:1        An elder rebuke not, rather appeal as a father, youngers as brothers,

1 Ti 5:2        elder women as mothers, youngers as sisters in all purity.

1 Ti 5:3        Honor widows, those being widows.

1 Ti 5:4        If then any widow has children or grandchildren, learn first one’s own house to reverence and recompense giving back to the forebears; this therefore is acceptable before God.

1 Ti 5:5        She then being a widow and alone hopes upon God and remains in entreaties and prayers night and day;

1 Ti 5:6        she then living sensuously, living has died.

1 Ti 5:7        And these announce, that you may be irreproachable.

1 Ti 5:8        If then anyone of their own[1] and especially householders provides not, the faith he[2] has denied and is of an unbeliever the worse.

1 Ti 5:9        A widow enroll, having become not less than sixty years, the wife of one man,

1 Ti 5:10      in good works witnessed, if she reared children, if she was hospitable, if saints feet she washed, if she aided the oppressed, if she followed every good work.

1 Ti 5:11      Younger widows then refuse; when therefore they wanderlust from Christ, they want to marry

1 Ti 5:12      having judgment that the first faith they annulled;

1 Ti 5:13      At once then also they learn idleness going about the houses, not only then idle, rather also gossips and busybodies, speaking things not proper.

1 Ti 5:14      I want then youngers[3] to marry, bear children, mistress a household, not even one occasion to give the opposition for reproach;

1 Ti 5:15      Already therefore some turn out behind Satan.

1 Ti 5:16      If any believer has widows, assist them and burden not the church, that those being widows she[4] may assist.

[1] relatives

[2] or she

[3] younger widows

[4] the church