The most important distinctive to consider when choosing a church is the rigorous teaching and preaching of true biblical doctrine. Believers are fallen human beings who have come to God in Christ to worship, be forgiven, nurtured, led, and restored to the image of God.

In the Bible’s wisdom literature, Proverbs 1:6 says that among the purposes of the Proverbs they are: “To understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles.”

Beware of Determinism/Compatibilism, a cultic, (Stoic, Gnostic and Manichean), doctrine championed by Augustine and much later Luther and Calvin, etc. For your spiritual protection and benefit, see the following challenges to common but unnecessary and false interpretations concerning the subjects of God (Theology Proper), His sovereignty, election, anthropology, free will, the covenants, salvation, and the Gospel + predestinarianism and sacramentalism:

On Augustine
Dr. Ken Wilson & Leighton Flowers

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What Did the Early Church Fathers Teach?
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Unconditional Choice?
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Why Does God’s “Sovereignty”
Make Some Ambitious and Others Apathetic
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Leighton Flowers
Dr. Roger Olson

Dr. C.S. Lewis

On Free Will
Dr. Alvin Plantinga

Dr. William Lane Craig

Omniscience and Free Will
Dr. William Lane Craig

Dr. Dallas Willard

Dr. J.P. Moreland

See also, Philosophical Foundations for a Christian World View, Craig and Moreland

After all, Divine and Human Freedom are Libertarian, not Deterministic

Both divine and human natures entail libertarian free will, choice, action, and abstinence from action, all essential to personhood and necessary for moral responsibility. Meticulous Causal Determinism (also called Compatibilism, hard or soft) is neither correct nor biblical, contradicts justice and freedom in divine and human natures, and badly distorts the doctrines of God, man, and their relations. Theological systems then founded upon Determinism, for example Augustinian-Calvinism, are not correct, harmful, and severe impediments to human spiritual flourishing.

Beware the riddle-bungler.