Disciples are learners, students, followers of the mind and ways of God in Christ, as revealed in God’s word and His creations.


Dr. C.S. Lewis

Dr. Dallas Willard

Dr. J.P. Moreland

See, Philosophical Foundations for a Christian World View, Craig and Moreland

On Free Will
Dr. Alvin Plantinga

Dr. William Lane Craig

Omniscience and Free Will
Dr. William Lane Craig

Augustine, Imperial Professor of Rhetoric, Milan,
Bishop of Hippo
Dr. Ken Wilson & Leighton Flowers

What Did the Early Church Fathers Teach?
Ken Wilson & Leighton Flowers

The Five Points that Led Me Out of Calvinism
Leighton Flowers

Roman’s 9 Line By Line
Leighton Flowers

Unconditional Choice?
Leighton Flowers

Leighton Flowers

Why Does God’s “Sovereignty”
Make Some Ambitious and Others Apathetic
Leighton Flowers

Leighton Flowers
Dr. Roger Olson

Spiritual Warfare
Walter Martin

Christian Doctrine, Cults, and the Occult
Walter Martin

Spiritual Warfare
Neil Anderson


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Free Classical Studies Collections

Grade School

Bruce Gore


Hillsdale College

BIOLA University

Talbot School of Theology

Government Gen. 1:27, 28, 29

Great Books I

Great Books II

Victor Davis Hanson

* Individual, familial, and national freedom are dependent upon the learning and teaching of spiritual truth and just law.