Ro 1:1          Paul, servant of Christ Jesus, called apostle, separated for good news of God,

Ro 1:2          which He forepromised by His prophets in scriptures holy

Ro 1:3          about His Son who was born from seed of David in flesh,

Ro 1:4          who, appointed Son of God in power by spirit of holiness by resurrection of dead, of Jesus Christ our Lord,

Ro 1:5          through whom we received grace and apostleship for obedience of faith in all the nations for His name,

Ro 1:6          among whom you are even you called of Jesus Christ,

Ro 1:7          to all who are in Rome beloved of God, called saints, grace to you and peace from God our Father and of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Ro 1:8          First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ about all of you, that your faith is proclaimed in the whole world.

Ro 1:9          For my witness is God, for whom I serve in my spirit in the good news of His Son, as unceasingly remembrance of you I make,

Ro 1:10        always upon my prayers, asking if how now or ever I will succeed by the will of God to come to you.

Ro 1:11        For I long to see you, that I may impart some spiritual gift to you to establish you,

Ro 1:12        this then is to be encouraged with you through the faith in one another, both yours and mine.

Ro 1:13        I wish not then you to be ignorant, brothers, that often I planned to come to you, and was hindered until now; that some fruit I may have also in you, just as also in the remaining nations.

Ro 1:14        To both Greeks and barbarians, to both wise and foolish, a debtor I am,

Ro 1:15        thus this against my eagerness also for you, those in Rome, to proclaim the good news.

Ro 1:16        For I shame not over the good news, for the power of God is for salvation for everyone believing, for Jew first and also for Greek.

Ro 1:17        Justice indeed from God in it is revealed from faith to faith, just as written, “Then the just by faith shall live.”

Ro 1:18        For revealed is the wrath of God from Heaven upon all impiety and injustice of men who the truth in injustice suppress,

Ro 1:19        because the known of God shown is in them; for God showed them.

Ro 1:20        For His invisibles from creation of world, by these made, perceiving see clearly, both His eternal power and divinity, for them to be indefensible,

Ro 1:21        because knowing God not as God they glorified or thanked, but were futile in their dialogues; and their senseless heart darkened.

Ro 1:22        Claiming to be wise, they became foolish,

Ro 1:23        and changed the glory of the incorruptible God in form of an image of corruptible man and birds and quadrupeds and reptiles.

Ro 1:24        Therefore, God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts, to impurity to dishonor their bodies among them;

Ro 1:25        those who changed the truth of God with the lie and worshipped and served the creation beside the one creating, who is blessed into the ages, amen.

Ro 1:26        Through this God delivered them to dishonorable passions, for also their females changed the natural use for that against nature,

Ro 1:27        similarly, so also the males leaving the natural use of the female were inflamed with their longing for one another, male with male the shamelessness workings and the recompence which is necessary from their delusion in themselves receiving.

Ro 1:28        And just as they glorified not God to hold with knowledge, God delivered them to a debased mind, to do the unfitting,

Ro 1:29        filled with every injustice, wickedness, covetousness, evil; filled with envy, murder, strife, deceit, malice; gossips,

Ro 1:30        slanderers, god-haters, insolents, arrogants, boasters, contrivers of evil, to parents disobedients;

Ro 1:31        senseless, untrustworthy, affectionless, pitiless;

Ro 1:32        those who the commandments of God knowing, that those such as these practicing are worthy of death, not only these do but also approve the practices.

Ro 2:1          Therefore indefensible are you, O man, each one judging; for in what you judge the other, yourself you condemn, for these same you practice, one judging.

Ro 2:2          We see then that the judgment of God is in truth upon those, these such practicing.

Ro 2:3          Reckon you then this, O man, one judging those these such practicing and doing the same, that you will escape the judgment of God?

Ro 2:4          Or of the wealth of His goodness and tolerance and patience you despise, not knowing that the good from God to repentance leads you?

Ro 2:5          Against then your hardness and unrepentant heart, you store for yourself anger in day of anger and revelation of the just-judgment of God,

Ro 2:6          who “will render to each by his works,”

Ro 2:7          to those indeed by perseverance of good work, glory and honor and incorruptibility seeking, life eternal,

Ro 2:8          to those then from ambition and disobeying the truth, obeying then injustice, anger and wrath;

Ro 2:9          tribulation and distress upon every soul of man working the evil, of both Jew first, also of Greek,

Ro 2:10        glory then and honor and peace to everyone working the good, to both Jew first, also to Greek;

Ro 2:11        For there is no partiality with God.

Ro 2:12        For as many as lawlessly sin, lawlessly also will perish, and as many as with law sin, by law will be judged;

Ro 2:13        for not hearers of law, just with God, but the doers of law will be justified.

Ro 2:14        For when the nations having no law, by nature do law, these, law not having, to themselves are law;

Ro 2:15        those who show the work of the law written in their hearts, co-testifying of them from the conscience also with one another of the reasonings accusing or even defending,

Ro 2:16        in the day when God judges the secrets of men according to my good news through Christ Jesus.

Ro 2:17        If then you call yourself “Judean” and rest upon law and boast in God

Ro 2:18        and know the will and approve the essentials, being instructed by the law,

Ro 2:19        having been persuaded and yourself to be guide of the blind, light of those in darkness,

Ro 2:20        educator of the foolish, teacher of infants, having the formation of the knowledge and the truth in the law;

Ro 2:21        one therefore teaching another, yourself you teach not? One preaching not to steal, steal you?

Ro 2:22        One saying not to commit adultery, commit you adultery? One abhorring idols, rob you temples?

Ro 2:23        Who to boast in law, through the transgression of the law dishonors God;

Ro 2:24        Indeed, “the name of God through you is blasphemed among the nations,” just as written.

Ro 2:25        For circumcision indeed helps, if law you practice, if then a transgressor of law you are, your circumcision has become uncircumcision.

Ro 2:26        If therefore the uncircumcision the regulations of the law guards, will not his uncircumcision as circumcision be reckoned?

Ro 2:27        And he will judge, one by nature uncircumcision, the law purposing, you who by letter and circumcision a transgressor of law.

Ro 2:28        Indeed, one in the appearance is not Judean, neither one in the appearance in flesh, circumcision;

Ro 2:29        but one in the secret, Judean, and circumcision of heart in spirit not letter, of whom the approval, not from men but from God.

Ro 6:1          What therefore shall we say? Would we continue in sin, that the grace would increase?

Ro 6:2          May it not be. We who died to sin, how yet would we live in it?

Ro 8:1          Now then, no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus.

Ro 8:2          For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus freed you from the law of sin and death.

Ro 8:3          For the inability of the law in which, weak through the flesh, God His own Son, sending in likeness of sinful flesh and about sin, condemned the sin in the flesh,

Ro 8:4          so that the ordinance of the law may be fulfilled in us, who not by flesh walkabout, but by Spirit.

Ro 8:5          Those indeed by flesh being, things from the flesh think, those then by Spirit, things from the Spirit.

Ro 8:6          Indeed the mind of the flesh, death, the mind then of the Spirit, life and peace;

Ro 8:7          because the mind of the flesh, enmity toward God, indeed to the law of God subordinates not, nor indeed is able;

Ro 8:8          Those then in flesh being, to please God are not able.

Ro 8:9          You then are not in flesh, but in Spirit, if indeed the Spirit of God dwells in you. If now any has not the Spirit of Christ, he is not His.

Ro 8:10        If then Christ in you, the body dead through sin, the spirit then alive through justice.

Ro 8:11        If then the Spirit of whom raised Jesus from the dead dwells in you, He raising Christ from the dead will make alive also your mortal bodies, through His indwelling Spirit in you.

Ro 8:12        So then, brothers, we are obligated not by the flesh, of which to live by flesh,

Ro 8:13        if indeed by flesh you live, you are about to die; if then by Spirit the acts of the body you kill, you will live.

Ro 8:14        As many indeed by the Spirit of God are led, these are sons of God.

Ro 8:15        No indeed, received you a spirit of slavery again to fear, but you received a spirit of adoption in which we cry, “Abba, Father.”

Ro 8:16        He, the Spirit, testifies with our spirit that we are children of God.

Ro 8:17        If then children, also heirs; heirs of God, co-heirs then of Christ, if indeed we suffer together, so that also we be glorified together.

Ro 8:18        I indeed consider not worthy, the sufferings of this time now, for the coming glory to be revealed to us.

Ro 8:19        The anticipation indeed of the creation, the revealing of the sons of God, awaits.

Ro 8:20        Indeed to futility the creation was subordinated, not willing, but by the one subordinating, upon hope

Ro 8:21        that also she the creation will be freed from the slavery of the corruption to the freedom of the glory of the children of God.

Ro 8:22        We see indeed that all creation groans and travails together until now;

Ro 8:23        not only then, but also these the beginning of the Spirit having, we also these in ourselves groan adoption awaiting, the redemption of our body.

Ro 8:24        For in the hope we were saved; hope then seeing is not hope; for what is seen hopes anyone?

Ro 8:25        If then what we see not we hope for, with endurance we anticipate.

Ro 8:26        Similarly then also the Spirit assists our weakness; for what we might pray as necessary we know not, yet the Spirit Himself intercedes with speechless groans;

Ro 8:27        One then searching the hearts sees the mind of the Spirit, that according to God He intercedes for saints.

Ro 8:28        We see then that with those loving God He works all together into good, with those by plan being called.

Ro 8:29        Because those He foreknew, He also foreordained conformed from the image of His Son, so to be Himself Firstborn among many brothers;

Ro 8:30        those then He foreordained, these also He called; and those He called, these also He justified; those then He justified, these also He glorified.

Ro 8:31        What therefore shall we say to these? If God for us, who against us?

Ro 8:32        Who indeed His own Son spared not, but for us all gave Him over, how not also, with Him, will He grace to us everything?

Ro 8:33        Who shall call down God’s elect? God is justifying;

Ro 8:34        who will be condemning? Christ Jesus Who died, more then being raised, Who also is at the right of God, Who also intercedes for us.

Ro 8:35        Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Tribulation or distress or persecution or hunger or nakedness or danger or sword?

Ro 8:36        Just as it is written, that
For your sake we are killed the whole day,
We were considered as sheep of slaughter.

Ro 8:37        But in all these we overcome through Him who loved us.

Ro 8:38        I indeed have been persuaded that neither death nor life nor angels nor rulers nor things present nor things future nor powers

Ro 8:39        nor height nor depth nor any other creation shall be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Ro 9:1          Truth I say in Christ, I lie not, my conscience testifying with me in the Holy Spirit,

Ro 9:2          that my pain is great, even the unceasing suffering in my heart.

Ro 9:3          For I could pray to be accursed, I myself, from Christ over my brothers, my kinsmen according to the flesh,

Ro 9:4          those who are Israelites, of whom the adoption and the glory and the covenants and the legislation and the service and the promises,

Ro 9:5          of whom the fathers and from whom the Christ according to the flesh, which of whom over all, God blessed into the ages, amen.

Ro 9:6          Not so then that the word of God has fallen out. For not all those from Israel are themselves Israel;

Ro 9:7          nor even that Abraham’s seed are all children, rather, “In Isaac seed shall be called to you.”

Ro 9:8          This is not the children of the flesh, these children of God, rather, the children of the promise are reckoned as seed;

Ro 9:9          of the promise therefore this word, “At this time, I shall come, and there will be in Sarah a son.”

Ro 9:10        Not only then, rather also Rebecca from one having conceived, Isaac our father;

Ro 9:11        for not yet begotten nor then practicing anything good or foul, that this according to choice, the plan of God would remain,

Ro 9:12        not from works, rather from the calling it was said that, “The greater will serve the lesser,”

Ro 9:13        Even as written, “Jakob I loved, then Esau I hated.”

Ro 9:14        What therefore shall we say? “Injustice with God”? May it not be.

Ro 9:15        For to Moses He says, “I shall have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”

Ro 9:16        Then therefore not from the willing, nor from the running, rather from God having mercy.

Ro 9:17        For the Scripture says to Pharaoh that, “For this thing I raised you out, that I would show in you My power and that My Name would be proclaimed in all the earth.”

Ro 9:18        Then therefore on whom He wills He has mercy, whom then He wills He hardens.

Ro 9:19        You will say to me therefore, “Why does He still blame? For who withstands His desire”?

Ro 9:20        O man, rather, who are you replying to God? The formed shall not say to the forming, “Why have you made me thus”?

Ro 9:21        Or has not the potter of the clay authority to make from the same batch one vessel for honor, another then for dishonor?

Ro 9:22        If then God, willing to show wrath and to make known His power bore with much longsuffering vessels of wrath prepared for destruction,

Ro 9:23        even that He may make known the wealth of His glory to vessels of mercy which He readied for glory?

Ro 9:24        These even, He called us not only from Jews but also from Gentiles,

Ro 9:25        as also in Hosea He says,
“I shall call the not My people, ‘My people’
And her not beloved, ‘Beloved.’”

Ro 9:26        “And it shall be in the place where it was said to them, ‘You are not My people,’
There they shall be called sons of the living God.”

Ro 9:27        Isaiah then cries over Israel, “If be the number of the sons of Israel as the sand of the sea, the remnant will be saved;

Ro 9:28        for the word completing and concluding, the Lord will make upon the earth.”

Ro 9:29        And even as Isaiah foretells,
“If the Lord of Sabaoth left us no seed,
as Sodom we would have become, even as Gomorra we would have been like.”

Ro 9:30        What therefore shall we say? That gentiles not pursuing justice obtained justice, the justice then by faith,

Ro 9:31        Israel then pursuing the law of justice arrived not at the law.

Ro 9:32        Why? Because not from faith rather as from works, they stumbled at the stone of stumbling;

Ro 9:33        even as written,
“Behold, I lay in Zion a stone of stumbling and rock of offense, and one believing upon Him shall not be ashamed.”

Ro 10:1        Brothers, the indeed good pleasure of my heart and supplication to God for them to salvation.

Ro 10:2        I testify indeed to them that zeal from God they have but not with knowledge;

Ro 10:3        Not knowing indeed the justice of God, and one’s own seeking to stand, to the justice of God they subordinated not.

Ro 10:4        End indeed of law, Christ, for justice to everyone believing.

Ro 10:5        Moses indeed writes the justice from the law that, “One doing them, man, shall live by them.”

Ro 10:6        This then from faith, justice, thus says, “Say not in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into the heaven?’ this is Christ to bring down;

Ro 10:7        or, ‘Who will descend into the abyss?’ this is Christ out of death to bring up.”

Ro 10:8        Rather what says it? “Near you the word is, in your mouth and in your heart, this is the word of the faith which we proclaim;

Ro 10:9        that if you confess with your mouth, Lord Jesus, and believe with your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved;

Ro 10:10     with heart indeed one believes to justice, with mouth then one confesses to salvation.

Ro 10:11     Says indeed the Scripture, “Everyone believing upon Him will not be ashamed.”

Ro 10:12     No indeed is there difference of Jew nor even of Greek, indeed He, Lord of all, is rich in all those calling upon Him.

Ro 10:13     “All indeed who would call upon the name of the Lord will be saved.”

Ro 10:14     How therefore would they call upon in whom they believed not upon? How then would they believe of whom they heard not? How then would they hear without a preacher?

Ro 10:15     How then would they preach if not sent? Even as it is written, “How timely, the feet of those proclaiming good news.”

Ro 10:16     But not all listened to the good news. Isaiah indeed says, “Lord, who believed our report?”

Ro 10:17     So faith, from hearing, the hearing then through word of Christ.

Ro 10:18     But I say, they never heard. Rather,
“Into all the earth went their voice,
And to the limits of dwelling their words.”

Ro 10:19     But I say, not Israel, it knew not. First Moses says,
“I will make you jealous over no nation,
Over a nation without understanding will I anger you.”

Ro 10:20     Isaiah then is bold and says,
“I was found by those not seeking me,
Visible I became to those not inquiring over me.”

Ro 10:21     To then the Israel he says,
“The whole day I spread out my hands
To a people disobeying and contradicting.”

Ro 11:1        I say therefore, God pushed not away His people? May it not be; for indeed, I am an Israelite, from seed Abraham, of tribe Benjamin.

Ro 11:2        “God rejected not His people” whom He foreknew. Or see you not in Elijah what the Scripture says, as he appeals to God against Israel?

Ro 11:3        “Lord, Your prophets they killed, your altars they tore down, and I alone remain, and they seek my soul.”

Ro 11:4        But the oracle says what to him, “I left for Myself seven thousand men, anyone who bent no knee to Baal.”

Ro 11:5        Thus therefore also at this time, remnant by choice of grace happens;

Ro 11:6        if then by grace, no longer from works, since the grace no longer becomes grace.

Ro 11:7        What therefore? What seeks Israel, this obtained not, the choice then obtained, those then left were hardened,

Ro 11:8        just as written,
“God gave these a spirit of stupor, eyes of which to see not and ears of which to hear not, until this day today.”

Ro 11:9        And David says,
“Let their table become snare and trap,
And stumbling block and retribution to them.

Ro 11:10     Let their eyes be darkened from which to see not
And their back bend through all.”

Ro 11:11     I say therefore, they stumbled not that they fell? May it not happen, rather, by their transgression, the salvation for the gentiles, for which to make them jealous.

Ro 11:12     If then their transgression, wealth of the world and their failure, wealth of gentiles, how much more their fulfillment.

Ro 11:13     To you then I say, to the gentiles, upon as much indeed therefore, I am of gentiles an apostle, my ministry I glorify,

Ro 11:14     if somehow I may provoke my flesh to jealousy, and save some from them.

Ro 11:15     If indeed their rejection, world reconciliation, what the acceptance, if not life from the dead?

Ro 11:16     If then the first fruit holy, also the mix; and if the root holy, also the branches.

Ro 11:17     If then some of the branches were broken off, you then being wild olive were ingrafted among them and became a fellow of the fatness of the olive root,

Ro 11:18     boast not against the branches; if then you boast, you bear not the root, but the root, you.

Ro 11:19     You will say therefore, “Branches were broken off that I could be ingrafted.”

Ro 11:20     Well. By their unbelief they were broken off, you then by your faith stand. Think not high, rather fear;

Ro 11:21     if indeed the God of the branches by nature spared not, neither will He spare you.

Ro 11:22     See therefore kindness and severity of God; upon those falling severity, upon you then kindness of God, if you remain in the kindness, otherwise also you will be cut out.

Ro 11:23     Those also then, if they remain not in unbelief will be ingrafted; for God is able to ingraft them again.

Ro 11:24     If indeed you from the by nature were cut out from a wild olive, and from nature ingrafted into the cultivated, how much more these the by nature will be ingrafted to one’s own olive.

Ro 11:25     I indeed want you not to be ignorant, brothers, this mystery, so that you would not be from yourselves wise, that hardness by part to Israel has happened until from which the fullness of the gentiles has come in;

Ro 11:26     and thus all Israel will be saved, just as written,
“There will come from Zion the Deliverer,
He will turn away ungodliness from Jakob.

Ro 11:27     “And this with them, the covenant with me,
When I take away their sins.”

Ro 11:28     By the good-news enemies because of you, by then the choice beloveds, because of the fathers;

Ro 11:29     without regret indeed, the gifts and the call of God.

Ro 11:30     For just as you, when you disobeyed God, and now are pitied to their disobedience,

Ro 11:31     thus also these now disobeyed to your pity, that also these may be pitied.

Ro 11:32     For God closed them all in disobedience, that He may pity them all.

Ro 11:33     O depth of wealth
and wisdom and knowledge of God;
as unsearchable His judgments
and inscrutable His ways.

Ro 11:34     For, “who has known the mind of the Lord?
Or who became His counselor?”

Ro 11:35     Or, “who gave to Him,
And it will be given back to Him?”

Ro 11:36     Since, from Him and through Him and to Him, all things;
To Him, the glory into the ages, amen.

Ro 12:1        I urge you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God to present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, pleasing to God, your reasonable worship,

Ro 12:2        and be not patterned to this age, rather be transformed by the renewal of the mind to prove what is the will of God, the good and pleasing and perfect.